Grand Teton mountain range


Off the Beaten Path's travel team is the best in the business, from our experienced travel planners and regional specialists to our creative, patient, always-amazing professional guides.

Bill Yellowtail a Crow Tribal member, former Montana State Senator and past western regional director of the EPA. A man of many hats, Bill is also a superb fisherman and expert canoeist. He has a genuine enthusiasm and zest for life that enhances every trip he leads.

Drew Thate an avid fisherman and birder with extensive natural history and wilderness guiding experience. He was a park ranger in Yellowstone, a river guide in Costa Rica and a tour leader of bird watching trips the world over.

Fritz Wittwer

A native of Switzerland, Fritz settled in Alaska after extended travels in North America, Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras. Heís been in Alaska for over 20 years now, working as a naturalist and hiking guide. He and his wife just finished building a house (themselves!) near Denali that they are running as a B&B.

Jamie Walton

Jamie was an instructor at the Audubon Ecology Workshop in the Rockies for a decade, and also managed a natural history tour program for Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. In addition to leading tours for conservation and education groups, Jamie does wildlife research, is an outdoorsman and rock climber, and works as a paramedic.

John Ninneman

Dean of Arts and Sciences at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, John has spent years studying the Anasazi and Fremont cultures. He takes a keen interest in rock art, flora and fauna of the high desert, archaeoastronomy, and the ancient road systems of the Southwest.

Kurt Westenbarger

Kurtís 26 years of guiding and educational experience covers the unique wildlife and geology of the Rocky Mountains and the Colorado Plateau to the history of the Fur Trade and the Lewis and Clark Expedition. He is a gifted teacher and photographer who never tires of sharing his love of natural and cultural history. Kurtís consummate outdoor skills combined with a gift for storytelling and a great sense of humor make his journeys unforgettable.

Leslie Stoltz

Many people have come to discover and understand their connection to nature and the world around them through Leslieís guidance. She worked in Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks for ten years, and for the last 15 years has taught classes and guided trips throughout the Rocky Mountain West, Ecuador, Mexico, and elsewhere.

Mike Bryers a long time West Yellowstone resident, working summers as a naturalist guide and winters as a ski guide in Yellowstone. He is also a skilled western landscape artist and often performs dressed as a mountain man, bringing the history of the area to life.

Nathanael Dodge

Nathanael brings geology, natural history, and cultural discovery to life in the field. He believes in teaching young people skills that build their self-confidence and awareness of the natural world in order to help them prepare for lifeís challenges. Nathanael is also a Wilderness First Responder, Crisis Prevention Instructor, and youth case manager.

Pam and Bill Bryan Off The Beaten Path in 1985 after working for many years in the Rockies and Alaska on environmental and community issues. Of the many roles they've played over the past 26 years, guiding OBP explorers in spectacular places is certainly a favorite!

Steve Gehman

Steve is a wildlife biologist and has studied bears, wolverines, and other forest carnivores in the Rocky Mountains and Alaska for over 20 years. Heís been guiding that long too, and is also the co-founder of Wild Things Unlimited, an organization dedicated to wildlife research and education.