Blue Fishing

Journey Style - Fly Fishing Expeditions

The quiet rustle of cottonwood leaves. A graceful cast, delicate rise. You lift the rod and the reel sings. Back at the lodge they call it the 20-20 Club: a 20-inch trout on a #20 dry fly. But everyone knows it’s not just about the fish. Just as much, it’s about sunsets and solitude, patience and fleeting moments of perfection, and just being out there, doing it.

It’s no accident that some of the world’s premier fly-fishing waters are in our territories. And it’s no coincidence that we know where the secret spots are, as well as the most experienced and pleasant guides and most comfortable and out-of-the-way fishing lodges.

Whether you’re an experienced angler or an enthusiastic novice, we can plan a fly-fishing expedition to both test and rest you—from the wild rivers of Alaska, to the spring creeks of Montana, to the dramatic fjords of Chile, and all our secret places in between.


  • Blue-ribbon legends
  • Fly-fishing in the backcountry
  • Private waters, undiscovered secrets
  • British Columbia and Alberta, fly-fishing frontiers
  • Alaska, where wilderness doesn't have to be rugged
  • Patagonia, your ultimate Off the Beaten Path fishing expedition
  • The Western Combo: secluded creeks and big rivers
  • Exclusive lodging

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Alaska, Pacific Coast, Rocky Mountains, Desert Southwest, Patagonia, Costa Rica, Mexico, New Zealand