Group of Hikers

Choose Your Journey Style - Guided Group Journeys

“Pack” might actually describe it better than “group.” Travel lightly with a small band of kindred spirits as you sniff out interesting places, experience intriguing encounters with others, and share good times along the way. Journey itineraries are constructed to allow lots of room for personal experience, activity options, and serendipity. We drive the van, but you drive your own journey.

Group makeup and size

Off the Beaten Path Guided Group Journeys run with as few as four guests, and generally cap at sixteen. Groups usually average about ten travelers. We hear a lot from our travelers about the fun camaraderie that develops and the synergy of the group.


Your guide is a seasoned, mature professional, with expertise in such areas as botany, wildlife biology, and history. And we have one of the best guest-to-guide ratios in the business—an average of five guests to every one guide. Your guides are always accessible, and happy to answer all your questions, ranging from “how many wolf packs are there now in Yellowstone?” to “what time is breakfast?”

What's included in the price of your journey

Trip price includes all lodging, meals, ground transportation, guide services, and activities as described in each journey’s detailed trip brochure (optional activities and meals on your own are not included). An end-of-trip gratuity for the guide is at your discretion. Request trip brochures from your Travel Advisor by calling 800-445-2995 or clicking through from the pricing box on the page of the trip you’re interested in. You can also download the full terms by clicking “Terms & Conditions” in the fine print below.

Guided Group Journeys by Territory

Alaska, Pacific Coast, Desert Southwest, Rocky Mountains, Patagonia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, New Zealand

"You could not have done a better job! We've taken lots of trips as a family, but this was the best. We're already looking at your itineraries for next year..." —Carlos J.