Journey Style - Private custom journeys

Travel independently, with a little help from your friends at Off the Beaten Path. We can get you on your way whether you have clear travel goals, or undeveloped ideas connected to your curiosity about Native cultures, slot canyons, wildflowers, grizzly bears, whitewater rafting, geysers, or glaciers.

Planning a successful journey takes more than time and a hundred phone calls—it takes first-hand knowledge of the region you’ll be traveling in, and relationships with the people who will be your hosts and guides along the way. Since 1986, we’ve been exploring our travel territories and building relationships so that we can connect you with the kind of special places, people, and experiences that make your journey truly memorable.

We take care of the picky and time-consuming details so you’re free to just sit back and be excited. We take care of everything from lodging reservations to signing you up for a special jeep tour or horseback ride. And before you go, we send you a comprehensive and personalized guidebook that sets the standard in the industry. Your custom Journey Guidebook is interesting, enlightening, and indispensible, and includes everything from your daily itinerary, to background on what you’ll be seeing, to a list of shops, restaurants, museums, and side trips you might enjoy.

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Alaska, Pacific Coast, Rocky Mountains, Desert Southwest, Patagonia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, New Zealand, Australia, South Pacific Islands