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Journey Style - Private custom journeys - Patagonia

Explore The Possibilities

  • Forget the bus ride—depart Torres del Paine by sea kayak and take several days to reappear in civilization, soaking-in the powerful Patagonia landscape
  • Spend the Christmas holiday in Patagonia, where traditions are strong, the landscape worth celebrating, and family time together precious.
  • Tour the vineyards of Chile or Argentina with a local guide who opens doors to private tastings and the vineyards’ colorful histories.
  • Spend a day with a world-renowned ornithologist learning about Chile’s exotic birds, from penguins to black-necked swans, Magellanic woodpeckers to the tiny but lyrical Chucao.
  • Desert expanses, geysers, rain forest hot springs, a gracious lodge at the foot of a volcano, a BBQ at an historic estancia—combine all these into your trip of a lifetime.
  • Meet the real Patagonia; spend time with tango dancers and backcountry gauchos, ship builders and wine makers, woolen rug makers and Mapuche Indian pine nut gatherers.

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