Off The Beaten Path : Group Guided Journey : Highlights

Sydney, the Blue Mountains, and Hunter Valley


9/22-9/28, 11/17-11/23, 12/29-1/4


9/14-9/20, 11/16-11/22, 12/28-1/3

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Trip Length 7 days/6 nights
Group Size 6-16
Arrive/Depart Sydney, Australia
Price $4695 to 5095
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Territories Australia Taste Of Australia : Journey Highlights

This journey delivers a delightful taste of the Land Down Under. The adventure begins with excursions in Sydney, then Royal National Park to look for whales along the coast, walk the trails, and see Aboriginal rock art. A mere two-hour drive leads a world away to the rugged Blue Mountains, where you discover Aboriginal history and explore this landscape of waterfalls, lush rainforest, deep gorges, sandstone escarpments, and kangaroos. After all that activity you’re ready for a gourmand excursion through the quaint Hunter Valley, Australia’s premier agricultural region. Indulge in locally produced wines, cheeses, chocolates, and more as you meet the artisans behind these delectable edibles. “Taste of Australia” is a sensational journey on its own, and also serves as a perfect springboard for further explorations on a custom Off the Beaten Path extension!

  • Sydney: See the Opera House and soak up Sydney’s cosmopolitan culture and laid-back, outdoor lifestyle.
  • Learn a new language: Oz is fair dinkum bonzer when you’re out beyond the black stump with some tucker and a tinnie (beer)!
  • Blue Mountains: Explore this stunning 2.5-million-acre landscape of eucalyptus trees, rainforest, cliffs, canyons, and bushland.
  • Walkabout further: Get the essence of Australia on this intentionally short trip, then strike out on a custom-planned extension to other intriguing Down Under destinations.

“I love the way this trip combines Australia’s icons like the Opera House with Aboriginal history and wilderness parks.” –Erin Hamilton, OBP Regional Expert