Desert Southwest

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A magical land, not so far, far away

Fall under the spell of the Desert Southwest: stark red rocks, cottonwood-lined creeks, lingering tangerine sunsets, bright flowers, the green flash of a hummingbird zipping by. Shift gears and soak-in the sense of deep time, recorded in deeply eroded canyons, wind-polished rock, layers of ancient geology, and whispering vestiges of enigmatic pueblo cultures. Savor the taste of flame-roasted chilies, piquant salsas, and stuffed sopaipillas. If nothing else, come for the million glittering stars in the blessedly dark night sky. Enchanting.

Guided Group Journeys to the Desert Southwest

Other Off the Beaten Path styles for seeing the Desert Southwest

Private Custom Journeys: You may have an image of the Southwest tucked away in your heart from childhood: a Navajo blanket, the mysterious ruins of Mesa Verde, the shadows of the Grand Canyon. Follow your heart today to the Southwest.

Fly-Fishing Expeditions: Make the Southwest your fly-fishing destination in the late fall, winter, or early spring, when most rivers in the Northern Rockies are too cold and the guides are hibernating. (Or we can show you to the river while your companions are hiking the canyons.)

Ranch Vacations: Escape the northern winter with a ranch vacation in the desert. There are only a small number of standout ranches in the Southwest, and we can steer you to them.

"Thanks again for all of your arranging and planning and absolutely incredible final trip instructions, hints, histories, etc. That goes way beyond travel planning into the realm of art. Robert B." ŚMichael B.