Pacific Northwest

Territories - Pacific Coast

Territory Map : Pacific Coast

Washington, Oregon & Northern California

The Pacific Coast is full of rich complements: oceans and mountains, volcanoes and glaciers, tide pools and whales, traditional cultures and hip cities, deep green forests and red zinfandel and crab cioppino. It is a place where you can go beach combing, explore a glacier, hop a ferry to an island, and take high tea, all in the same day. Let us serve you a little taste of this lush and luscious region.

Guided Group Journeys to the Pacific Coast

Other Options for Traveling Off-the-Beaten-Path Style to the Pacific Northwest

Private Custom Journeys: Blend the delights of a hip coastal city (fine dining, exquisite local wines and produce, great shopping) with great outdoor adventures like clam digging, hiking in the rain forest, and walking on a glacier.

Fly-Fishing Expeditions: Cast into fabled steelhead rivers, troll for salmon in the protected waters of Puget Sound, reassemble your pack rod and tempt a trout in a high mountain lake.

Ranch Vacations: Cowboys, Indians, and rodeos are alive and well in eastern Washington, Oregon, and California.

"You're so right about the group. It felt like we had known each other for a lot longer than a handful of days. That kind of comraderie just doesn't happen often with a group of strangers." —Beverly F.