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Territories - South Pacific

Territory Map : South Pacific

Dynamic cultures, tropical waters, colorful adventures

Although we’re not yet offering small group adventures here, the South Pacific Islands are a wonderful new destination for Off the Beaten Path’s active and inquisitive custom travelers.

People first began settling the South Pacific Islands over 50,000 years ago, and their diverse cultures and customs are very much alive today. Ancient tattooing, dynamic dances, traditional carving and weaving, and emotionally powerful music are as evocative now as they were when traders arrived on the scene just a few hundred years ago. Clear waters, coral reefs teeming with tropical fish, white sand beaches, surf, lush vegetation, waterfalls, and the warm spirit of the people still mesmerize. While all the islands possess great natural beauty and welcoming communities, each offers a distinctively different experience, calling adventurers to find their own special island.

Guided Group Journeys to South Pacific Islands

Custom Travel in the South Pacific Islands

Off the Beaten Path is planning custom travel to several Pacific Island groups—

  • Hawai’i: The Big Island and Molokai
  • Melanesia: Papua New Guinea and Fiji
  • Micronesia: Palau and Yap
  • Polynesia: Independent Samoa and Easter Island

Explore the possibilities!

"I wept, literally, at the beauty of our Hawaii experience. A once-in-a-lifetime thrill and joy. The whole family will always treasure the memory." —Lisa B.