Off The Beaten Path : Group Guided Journey : Highlights

Black Hills to Yellowstone National Park


6/25-7/1, 7/30-8/5, 8/20-8/26

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Trip Length 7 days/6 nights
Group Size 4-16
Arrive/Depart Rapid City, South Dakota/Bozeman, Montana
Price From $3,295 to $3,695
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Trip Motif Culture History The Great American West : Journey Highlights

From Crazy Horse to Custer and Deadwood to Devils Tower, the West is a colorful storybook spilling over with strong personalities and profoundly historic landscapes. Discover some new chapters and write your own footnotes on this fun and engaging exploration. The journey begins in the mystic Black Hills of South Dakota, where you’ll explore Custer State Park and visit Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial. Then it’s on to Devils Tower, where a walk around the base of this Lakota sacred site lifts your spirit and your gaze. Next stop, Sitting Bull’s campsite on the Little Bighorn River, to hear your Crow Indian guide recount the fateful battle. Moving on, buckle up for one of the most beautiful and breathtaking mountain drives in the nation, the “back way” to Yellowstone Park. An immersive exploration of Yellowstone opens your eyes to the wonders and workings of nature with the surreal thermal basins and abundant wildlife.

  • Active fun and discovery: Stay busy and active but not hurried or harried on hikes and walks in some of the West’s most storied locations.
  • Treasured landmarks: Visit Mount Rushmore, the Crazy Horse Memorial, Devils Tower, Custer State Park, the Little Bighorn, and Yellowstone National Park.
  • Wildlife: There could be wildlife at any turn. Watch for bison, pronghorn, bighorn sheep, wild turkeys, bears, wolves, moose, elk, and much more.
  • Fresh air and mountain scenery: Lots of time in the great, oh-so-beautiful outdoors is good medicine for all ages!

“This trip really shines thanks to the knowledge and experience of the guides and local ‘OBP friends’ you meet along the way.” –Cory Lawrence, Off the Beaten Path CEO