Kids fishing

Trip Motif - Family Adventure

Travel creates lifetime memories for families. It’s also a wonderful way for all the generations to connect and share good times: grandparents, parents, and children. Private Custom Travel is a great way for both small and extended families to travel together. For our Guided Group Journeys, children over 13 are welcome on any of our scheduled journeys, and we also feature special family departures designed to please the wide-ranging interests and attention spans of younger children. OBP is pleased to offer special family pricing.

Family Adventure Guided Group Journeys

Other Options for Off the Beaten Path Family Adventure

Private Custom Journeys: How do you satisfy a teen princess, boy jock, and horse nut in one fun trip? We can help you pull it off.

Fly-Fishing Expeditions: There’s no better time to start your offspring fishing than when they’re young. Give you child the gift of a lifetime of pleasure and outdoor connection.

Ranch Vacations: You arrive at your cabin, unpack your bags for the first and last time of the trip, and before you turn around the kids are gone making new friends, meeting the horses, and exploring the woods.