Off The Beaten Path : Group Guided Journey : Highlights

Fa'a Samoa
Tropical Islands, Culture, and National Park of American Samoa


5/5-5/12, 10/20-10/27

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Trip Length 8 days/7 nights
Group Size 8-12
Arrive/Depart Pago Pago, American Samoa
Price From $4,450 to $4,850
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Trip Motif National Parks Faa Samoa : Journey Highlights

Settled by seafaring explorers three thousand years ago, the Samoan archipelago – consisting of the independent nation of Samoa (formerly “Western Samoa”) and the U.S. territory of American Samoa – is the cultural hub of the Polynesian wheel. American Samoa – the only U.S. Territory south of the equator – is a true off the beaten path paradise, with rugged volcanic mountains, dramatic shorelines, empty beaches, colorful coral reefs, warm azure waters, and dense tropical forests.

There is nothing here (you’ll not find a certain famous coffee shop on any corner), and everything here – blue lagoons, pristine beaches, fruit bats (flying foxes),red footed boobies, green sea turtles, and small villages that follow a traditional lifestyle. In keeping with the meaning of the word Samoa, “sacred earth,” the park helps protect the Fa`a Samoa—the customs, beliefs, and traditions of the ancient, family-centered Samoan culture.

On this explorer’s journey, you’ll visit three islands—Tutuila, Ta`ū, and Ofu— each containing sections of the National Park of American Samoa. Tutuila’s piece of the park features a meandering coastline dotted with coves and bays. Ta’ū’s southern coastline boasts some of the highest cliffs in the world, which rise from the water to the summit of 3,000-foot Lata Mountain. Ofu offers up the richest waters for snorkeling and a strand of beach reminiscent of a watercolor painting with its white sand, bluer-than-blue water, and bright green hillsides.