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  • Follow your own naturalist guide who will make the landscape and its resident wildlife come alive in your understanding. Find a wolf track, pluck mountain goat hair from a bush, learn to read the story of tracks, discover how rock layers are like the pages in a book.
  • Some of the more popular parks, like Denali and Yellowstone, have a hidden side away from the crowds that we can help you find—quiet trails, lesser-know special places, more exclusive and remote lodges.
  • Want to visit the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and Glacier in a week? Really? Well, if you do, we can plan a manageable trip that won’t drive all of you crazy, by translating the vast sweep of Western landscape into manageable chunks.
  • Gather a group of friends for a long Yellowstone weekend to watch grizzly bears and wolves in the prime, springtime viewing season.
  • Experience the backcountry of a national park by horsepacking, backpacking, llama trekking, or even by sea kayak in Jackson or Yellowstone Lakes.
  • Discover yourself in a hidden slot canyon in Escalante, on a hike you never thought you could do, and wouldn’t have tried without a guide you trust.

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